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Auburn's Post

Hi my name is Auby.

I love milk!

I have an idea.....

Why don't you give me some milk?

Hey, I thought you were going to give me some milk?!?!?!

No, I will not accept formula!!!

Did you say the milk is all gone?!?!?!?

Oh, you were just joking....very funny.

Seriously, though, the milk goes in here.

How am I going to pay? Let's see, I think I left my wallet in my other onesie....

Christmas Markets

Here in Munich we have Christmas markets. There are several throughout the city. They sell of sorts of different things like food, holiday goodies, ornaments, art, crafts, clothes, ect... Auby and I have been to three so far and my favorite is the one at Marienplatz in the heart of downtown Munich. They really set the mood for the holidays!


So this week Simon's parents were in town visiting, and we decided to take a little weekend trip. The night before we left we decided on Prague. None of us had ever been there, we didn't have to drive over the Alps, and it was relatively close only about 3 and half hours away. Before we left we had to make sure that the rental car could drive to the Czech Republic, because apparently not all rental cars can, they have to be a certain type. I still don't know why. To make our adventure even crazier, the bag with Simon and my stuff in it somehow didn't make into the car. We did not make this discovery until we were at our hotel. Luckily, Auby's stuff made it and we had our coats and gloves. We did however, miss our thermals it was very cold. I'm sorry that there aren't more pictures of Auburn. She was bundled up in her stroller. Prague is a really neat city and has a lot to explore. Here are some of pictures.....

St. Nicholas Church, where Mozart once played t…

Auburn's blessing

On Sunday, November 23rd, Simon was able to bless our precious little Auburn. Grandpa and Grandma Hill were able to be here for the blessing. I know that Papi and Grandma Little wished they could of been here as well. We had an earlier visit from the Littles when Auby was just a few weeks old. Grandma Hill made her beautiful dress and Grandma Perkins made her blanket. This weekend we had our first snowfall. The temperature was frigid and there was still snow on the ground. It still turned out to be a wonderful day. Auburn was her perfect little self. She didn't cry at all and her Daddy gave her a beautiful blessing. We are so blessed to have her in our lives!
Our world lately has been full of "firsts" between a new baby and living in a foreign country. We had our first baby, we are living in our first apartment, first blog and so on.... Auby has had a lot of "firsts" lately as well. First smile, first time sleeping through the night (which she has done almost consistently for about a month), and this past weekend she had went to her first soccer game! We took her to see the Bayern Munich reserve squad here in Munich. It was a small, but spirited crowd. Bayern won 1-0. Auburn did great! It will be the first of many games to follow.