Tuesday, August 21, 2012

croatia - part II

Plitvice Lakes National Parks
We met up with Scott, Sasha, and Brandon in Zadar and drove to Plitvice the next morning.  We have had some many people tell us about this national park.  The park is so large that they have different routes that you can take that consist of walking, boats and buses.  We spent the entire day and it was incredible.  When we arrived it was much cooler than we expected, so we all did a little changing in the parking lot and then headed out.  

Brandon was kind enough to find sticks to entertain Auburn and Conley throughout the trip.

There are sixteen lakes and waterfalls everywhere.  The water is this beautiful green color.

This is a view from the top looking down.  If you look carefully you can see the walkways that take through through the park.  It was a little nerve wracking with little kids since there is only a walkway without rails.  The kids were very good about holding hands and had lots of time on shoulders, thanks for the help Uncle Scott!

After Plitvice we headed the hostel.  The Johnsons came bearing gifts for the kids from both sets of Grandparents.  Conley's birthday was a few weeks before and all of the nephews were sweet enough to send little presents. Conley loves all the little cars and balls, thanks Sam, Brandon and Caleb!  

The next morning we had a little bit of time to explore the Zagrab.  This is St. Mark's church.  We really liked the roof.

The kids playing guards at the Town Hall.  They would change and it was the cutest changing of the guard that you will probably ever see.

We headed to Skocjan caves after Zagreb.  We couldn't take pictures inside and this really doesn't do the caves justice, but it was incredible inside.  Google image search it and you see what I am talking about.
That evening we meet up in Pula and watched the Eurovision song contest.  While you are google searching the caves look up Eurovision dancing grandmas, watch the Youtube video, it is pretty hilarious.  

Pula Amphitheater
This is the only Roman Amphitheater that has all four sides on it.  It is incredibly well preserved.  

Auburn and Conley had their own little Roman games.

We drove to Rovinj and walked through this delightful little town.

After Rovinj we drove to a little beach where we enjoyed a picnic lunch and the kids played.  Of course there was rock throwing and toes in the water.  Brandon was the only one brave enough to actually swim in the cold water.  Brandon had a fort made of rocks and Conley kept trying to steal them, so Brandon had to keep him well supplied.

That evening after dinner Scott and Sasha treated us all to ice cream, it was seriously delicious.  I had dark chocolate and obviously Auburn loved it as well.

We headed home after Rovinj and the Johnson's headed to Italy.  On the way home we stopped by a little city called Piran.  We climbed up the walls to get a view and then walked through the city.  We then made the long drive home.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Krk Waterfall
After Slovenia, we headed to explore Croatia.  Our first stop was Krk Waterfall.
To get to the waterfall you can either hike in or take a boat (which is included in your admission price).  We decided it would be more fun to take the boat.  It was super windy, but the kids loved it.

There is about an hour hike around the park so you can see the waterfalls at different angles.

Our little ones put their toesie-toes in this lake as well.
After Krk Waterfalls we made the long drive down to Dubrovnik.  This stretch was long, and included a short few kilometers in Bosnia.  Sasha, Scott and Brandon (Simon's sister and family) came to Europe and they were able to meet up with us on part of our trip.  It was great to have them along!  We spent a few days together, then they headed to Italy and then met us back in Munich.
This was the view from our hotel window in Dubrovnik.  We had to walk up 100 stairs every time we wanted to go to the hotel.  We also ended up staying in what was the living room of this family, which was a little funny.  We even found the hotel on a reputable website that we always use.

Dubrovnik is a charming little medieval city in the southernmost tip of Croatia, totally worth the drive down.
Our favorite part was the walking the walls around the entire city.

The view from one of the towers.

more rock throwing on the beaches of Dubrovnik

The next day we hiked up to get a view of the city.

Brandon was the favorite buddy of Auburn (and Conley).

Poor Conley got attacked by a mosquito one night.  Mosquitoes love him, luckily the bites didn't seem to bother him at all.

After Dubrovnik, we drove up to Split to see Diocletian's Palace.  It was is a palace that was built by a Roman Emperor in 300 AD.  You can explore the ruins today.

The next day we headed to Novalja Beaches.  Simon had done some research about the best beaches and found this little jem of a beach.  We had to drive a little bit, but it was beautiful.  The beach was a little sandy and the water was calm so the kids could play in the water.  There were a few people there when we got there, but they left soon after we arrived and we had the whole place to ourselves.  The weather was nice and hot.  It was such a perfect day.

more rock throwing

I know that he is only barely two, but he looks so grown up to me.

We spent the night in Zadar.  We had pizza and gelato for dinner.

That night we walked to the water to see the sunset.

Monday, August 6, 2012

slovenia - part II

The next few days we spent in Slovenia mainly doing outdoor stuff.  

Kozjak Waterfall
This feeds into the Soca river which we went to later in the day.  It was about a half an hour hike in to this waterfall and well worth it.

It was really loud inside because of the waterfall and the kids were not so sure of it at first, but after a few minutes they loosened up a little bit.

We spent an entire day by the Soca river.  It is this beautiful blue river in Slovenia.  The water looked so inviting, but unfortunately it was freezing.  We were able to do some hiking at different areas of the lake, and resisted the urge to jump in.

Another favorite activity of the kids was throwing rocks into the water.  I love this action shot of Auburn.

Conley and Auburn were both brave enough to put their toes in the water for a few seconds.

Lake Bohinj
We stayed a lovely little apartment a few minutes away from this lake.  One morning we got up and hiked up to the viewpoint.

partying at the viewpoint of Lake Bohinj

Vintgar Gorge 
This is a gorge that is a few kilometers away from Lake Bled.  We have visited a few gorges, but I think we both agreed that this was our favorite.  The water was pristine and the gorge almost fairy tale like in some places.

Our last stop in Slovenia was another soccer game.  We caught the last game of the season.  NK Maribor won the league in Slovenia that year so there was a huge party going on outside.