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Conley - 23 months

Conley is almost two.  I have been meaning to put an update on him forever but we have been kind of busy and not here.  Here is an update on him.  We are looking forward to celebrating his 2nd birthday in two weeks!

He will eat just about anything. He loves cars, train, planes and anything else that moves. His favorite song is "Jaded' by Aerosmith.  I am not kidding.  He can even sing part of the chorus all by himself. He will share just about everything if you ask nicely. He invented a new game where he gives everyone chocolate. He repeats everything we say and speaks in 4-5 word sentences. He eats with his right hand, but kicks with his left foot. He plays drums on everything. He tells me "no like it" when he doesn't want to do something. He knows his colors. He will still snuggle with us sometimes. His best friend is Auburn, they do everything together. He doesn't walk, he runs everywhere. When he thinks a prayer is too long he will say Amen repeatedly e…

home again, home again

after -  one bamboo raft  one funicular  six airplanes  eight trains  nine taxis  twelve buses  numerous subways 

It has been a wild and crazy past few weeks in China.  We are happy to be home!   A LOT more pictures and post to come!