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Two days after our little girl's first birthday we took a trip to Ireland. We actually flew into Belfast, which is in North Ireland, rented a car and drove all over Ireland. These pictures don't really do justice. It was so beautiful. We were really lucky to have nice weather throughout the entire trip. The pictures are all in the wrong order, sorry. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! The Ring of Kerry This is a circular tourist trail that is about 170 km. It is absolutely beautiful. We stopped to see a few of the sights. Here are a few pictures from our Ring of Kerry drive.

Giant Causeway This is in Northern Ireland. It has these awesome hexagonal shaped stones as a result of a volcanic eruption. It was really cool to hike around it.

The Cliffs of Moher These are amazing cliffs that are on the western side of Ireland. We got a flat tire on the way to the Cliffs. I am grateful Simon has much experience in changing tires and that there was a real tire not a donut in the trunk. The jack i…