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living in Germany

We have now lived in Germany for three and a half years.  I have to admit that is longer than I thought we would live here, and longer than I have lived in any one place since I was seventeen.  I realized that I have posted a lot on my blog about our travels, but not a lot about how my day to day life has changed since moving overseas.  So, I thought that with the new year I would make a few posts about these changes.

A major change for us is transportation.  We don't have a car.  We had plans of buying a car when we moved here, but after choosing an apartment in the city we found that we don't really need one here.  I have a pass that covers the subway, buses and trams in the center of town and Simon has a bike.  Simon rides his bike all year long, even in the snow.  It takes him less time to get to work with his bike than with public transportation.  I love my pass.  I didn't have one for a the first year, but it has really given me freedom and I have been able to take t…

Merry Christmas

I think the closest thing that we have to tradition for Christmas in our family is going to Schliersee.  Our first year of being married we decided to head to England and travel for two weeks, then we were in Florida with my family, the next year was California was Simon's family and then the past three years we have been here in Munich.  We have really enjoyed our past two years at Schliersee for Christmas that we decided to go again, and it was the right choice.

Here are the kids on the train.  It only takes an hour to get there and the kids loved looking out the window.

While we were there went sledding, some of us liked it more than others.  Auburn loved talking about it, but wasn't quite sure after the first ride down.  Conley kept saying "more" and "mas".  We built a little snowman and made snow angels.

Mommy and Daddy played billards and fussball while the kids read books and did puzzles.  The kids played and played in the toy room.  We took naps, a…


I just realized I haven't blogged for a month.  Last week I was sick, like didn't get out of bed for three days sick.  It was awful, but Simon and the kids were very helpful.  Because of that of Christmas fun I am behind in my blogging, so here is a recap of December.

Simon was gone for most of November.  He had three different business trips, it was kind of a whirlwind.  Auburn started asking everyday if Daddy was coming home.  So, last week I took the kids to Simon's new office to show them for Daddy works.  I think it helped.  They loved it!  Although I think their idea of what he actually does all day is a little off.  We have loved having Daddy home for the entire month of December.  Here they are snuggling while watching Bundesliga highlights on a Saturday afternoon.

Auburn has decided that she doesn't need naps anymore.  I still make her have "quiet time" every afternoon.  Every once in a while I find this.

This is just a cute picture of my little man…


So we did end up celebrating Thanksgiving this year.  On Thanksgiving evening we went to dinner at Hirschgarten with a colleague of Simon.  We had a lovely time stuffing ourselves at dinner with good company.  It was kind of funny to explain to someone else what we normally do on Thanksgiving: cook, play football, cook, watch football, cook, eat, eat, eat, take a nap, watch more football and eat some more.  I didn't take any pictures because I'm lame, but here is a picture of my kids in the laundry basket.  This is their "boat" in which they travel to their "island".  Auburn likes to recreate our trip.  It is one of their new favorite games.   I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!