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One Year

One year ago today, Simon and I set off for our adventure in Germany. At that time I was 6 months pregnant with Auburn. We sold all of our furniture and stored the rest of our belongings at my parents house (thanks again). We traded in our cell phones for a webcam, and our cars for a bike and a subway pass. Instead of living in the suburbs, we live on the fourth story of an apartment building. When the weather allows for our windows to be open, we fall asleep to the aromas of garlic bread and pizza drifting from the pizza place below us.

Everyday we have had new experiences. I remember how intimidated I was of going to the grocery store at first. Now, I can communicate with the dry cleaner (who doesn't speak of word of English) to find my husband's lost pants or give directions to someone. I know that these are little things, but I consider them to be small victories. We have both accepted callings in our German ward, even though our language skills are lacking. These callings …

Our little rock star


The Frankfurt temple It was so uplifting, refreshing, andpeaceful
Thisisthe "oldtown" of Frankfurt. Itisn't verybig, just a couplesquaresofcharmingbuildings.

Thisistheoldcityhall. Themaincathedral also hadthisredfinishonit.

Thisisthe last dayofgamesforthe Bundesliga. Frankfurt lost 3-2 to Hamburg.


Westopped in Rothenburgonourwayto Frankfurt. Itissuch a nicemedievalcity. Itisn't verybig, butisverycharming. IthasChristmasstoresopen all yearroundandeven a Christmasmuseum.


I feltlikewewereon a movieset. It is just so picturesque.

Thisistherathaus (cityhall) andthemainsquareofthecity.

Auburnlovingeveryminuteofour trip!

Thebiggestnutcracker I haveeverseen. ThisisoutsideoftheChristmasmusuem.

Wefound a teddybearstore, andAubylovedlookingatthebears.