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India - part 2

Taj Mahal Well, it is totally worth all of the hype. What a beautiful and impressive building. Pictures really don't do it justice at all. It is bigger than I thought it would be and has so much detail. The stone sparkles in the sun. We spent most of the day there just taking it all in.

Believe it or not, this is our first family picture since Conley was born. It took us four months to get one of all of us.
Conley loving the Taj Mahal.

She learned how to say Taj Mahal, but added a syallable "Taja Mahal". It was so cute to hear her say it.

Hill family special

It is a good thing that my daughter loves rice. She really lived off of it the time that we were there. The food was really, really spicy.

Everyone loved our double stroller. This is the Red Fort in Agra.
What you don't see is is a bunch of other people taking our picture behind Simon.

So a typical traffic jam in India consists of cars, tuk-tuks(what we are in), bikes, motorcycles and cows. This picture didn&…


Our life is always full of some adventure, somewhere. Our lastest adventure was India. Simon and I had been talking about India for sometime and finally were able to male it happen. It was hot and humid, a big difference from our cold summer here in Germany. This was the first trip that Auburn was really aware that we were leaving our home and travelling. She had a bit of a culture shock when we arrived. The heat, bugs, dirt and all of the people trying to take pictures of her. She adjusted quickly, and had a great time. Conley was as happy as ever, as long as he has his family and milk, he is good to go. The kids were amazing on the flights. Conley had a bassinet and the crew managed to get us a seat for Auburn which made a huge difference. I think airlines know that if the family with children are happy, then everyone is happy.

The kids were superstars in India. Everyone thought that they were twins. We also had crowds of people around our children taking pictures. I didn't mind …