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Simon was in Lisbon a few weeks ago for a seminar for work. It was just a shame that we couldn't all go with him. He had some time to explore the city.

Simon came home with these tasty treats for me! They are a custard pastry and they are delicious!

it wouldn't be Simon without a soccer stadium

Wildlife Poing

A few weeks ago Simon had a day off. He had secretly planned to take us to this park, well it rained the whole day. So that Saturday he surprised us and we all headed just north of Munich to Poing where they have a wildlife park. They have a bunch of different animals that you can feed and some others like bears and wolfs that you obviously can't feed. They also had rabbits and guinea pigs that the kids would pet.
Auburn thought it was great. She had no fear of animals, absolutely no fear. Conley on the other head got a little freaked out when an eager goat came up to him in the stroller.

feeding the dear
feeding the baby goats
(do you see Conley's upset face in the background)
Auburn chased these little guys after she feed them, they were afraid of her.

They let the dear room free in the beginning.

She tried and tried to feed the baby pigs, but they just wouldn't take it.
She finally started putting the food on the ground for him to eat.

feeding the bigger goats
seriously, no fea…

our conley, conley

These pictures are old, but I thought I would do a little update on my Conley. He had his year check-up a few weeks ago, it was late, but oh well. He is weighing in at 25 lbs and is 31.5 inches long. That puts him in the 75 percentile for height and weight. He was a baby sumo and was off of the charts, but has slowed down. Now the doctors are concerned that he isn't on a curve at all and I have to go in again in five months to check his weight again.
He just started walking, like yesterday! He has been using everything you could possibly imagine (i.e. the lego box) to walk with and finally decided yesterday that he could walk alone. He is super proud of himself and I am sure it won't be long until he is running.
He can say mom, dad, ba, dog, duck, this, wa (water), pig, cat, and make a few animal sounds (woof and quack). He loves dogs! He gets so excited when he seems them in the park.
He adores his sister. They play very well together. I cut his hair this weekend. It is his seco…


A few weeks ago we went a wedding for some friends of ours. The wedding was in Augsburg, which about an hour from here. It was in a beautiful room in the town hall and then we had a delicous, fancy lunch at a restaurant. We had a great day and we are grateful that our children were well-behaved throughout the celebrations. We snapped a few good pictures with the kids, enjoy.