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Ich bin schwanger

Translation: I am pregnant!

We are so excited to be parents again. I have been blessed to feel pretty good through the first trimester. The offical due date for our little one is May 12th. It is the day before our 4th anniversary.
We don't really think that Auburn understands what is going on. When we say baby, she gets her baby doll. Although she does point to the ultrasound pictures and says baby, which I think is super sweet!

USA vs. Germany

In October, we called an audible one afternoon and headed to Augsburg for a USA vs. Germany soccer game. Augsburg has a brand new stadium and is only about 45 minutes by train. We wanted to cheer on the US and they won 1-0.

Auburn sporting her sweet new BYU beanie. Thanks Johnsons!

September visitors

In September we had a couple of visitors. Simon's brother Seth came from New York and his friend Rob also happened to be in town the same week visiting. Simon had a couple days free and went to Dachau, Neuschwanstein and Oktoberfest with the guys. Auburn and I did some sightseeing around Munich. On the weekend we all headed out to Salzburg for the day.

Here is a picture of Rob and Simon at Neuschwanstein. As you can see it is under construction right now. Sorry about that guys, it really is quite spectacular without the scaffolding.

We realized on the train coming back from Salzburg that we didn't have any pictures of Auburn and Uncle Seth. He brought his super awesome camera and did most of the picture taking. Here is a couple of pictures of Auburn with Uncle Seth. Hopefully we got some better ones with your camera Seth. I know the second one is blurry, but they were both laughing about something and I think that it is sweet! Thanks for coming and visiting Uncle Seth!

Catching up

Simon looked at the blog yesterday when we got home from our trip and laughed when he saw that Ireland was the last post. Obviously, I haven't blogged for awhile, and I think I have some pretty good excuses. We have been in Thailand for the past two and a half weeks and things were a little busy before that. We are going through all of our hundreds of pictures so it might take me a little bit before I get the pictures of our trip up. In the meanwhile, I will try to get caught up with what happened in between!