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So, Egypt.... it was a blast!!! What a crazy place with a bunch of crazy people. There is so much history!! The sites were awesome. Auburn was huge hit!!! Everyone loved her. People would stop and take pictures of her. Seriously, one lady stopped her car to get out to have her picture taken with Auburn. I wasn't expecting that. We have a ton a pictures, so I tried to just pull out of few....although there are a ton on here.

Islamic Cairo There are mosques everywhere.

The Citadel

My head and my arms had to be covered inside the mosques.

Luxor temple

Karnak temple in Luxor

Our guide to the tomb of Ay in the Valley of the Kings. We were the only ones in the tomb, it was pretty sweet!

King Tut's tomb

Simon and Ryan hiked from the Valley of the Kings to the Temple of Hatshepsut. Auby and I took a cab because there was some climbing involved.
The Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor

Daddy and Auby at the Ramaseum in Luxor

walking in to the Valley of the Queens in the desert
The Ramaseum

Auburn at t…

3 continents in 3 days

On the way home they stopped in Venice
The boys at the game.

So I haven't posted anything forever, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. The week before we left for Egypt was the craziest!!! Ryan and Aaron came for a visit. Ryan was coming to Egypt with us, and had a week here in Germany before our trip. Aaron came with him for the Europe part. The day they arrived they took off with Simon to Italy for the weekend for a Juventus soccer game. When they returned Auburn and I played tour guides here in Munich. They took off for the rest of week. I think they ended up hitting eleven different countires. That same week the day after they took off Simon had a last minute business trip to Athens. He got home the day before our trip. On Friday we left for Egypt (which I'll post about after I have gone through all of our pictures). We returned home on the 16th and Simon had to leave for another business trip to Taiwan the following morning. His work schedule is usually not like th…