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Miami II

Here are some of the things we did in Miami to keep us busy....

The Gold Coast Railroad Museum Simon and I were totally bored here, but the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Afterwards they kept asking us to go and we overheard them discussing it at night when they were suppose to be sleeping. The train that they are standing in front of carried a few Presidents of the United States.

They had a great area set up with tons of Thomas train sets and the kids spent a good deal of time playing there.
We spent a lot of time at parks and found new and cool ones all over town.  I have to say that playgrounds are better in the US and much safer than the ones here in Germany.
The kids are running and skipping down the hill. 

The Miami Children's Museum Auburn the firefighter

shopping at Publix, the best grocery store ever

My little construction workers
They had tons of Teddy Bears from all over the world.

Because it was close to Christmas they had lots of art activities for th…



At last, Miami.  I didn't blog at all while we were there.  It was partly because the weather was so wonderful that you just wanted to be outside and the other part was because I was sick, so very sick.  We found I was expecting the day before Simon left for Miami (which was a week before us).  He graciously took a million bags and pounds so that I wouldn't have to really lift anything, what a sweetheart.  Luckily, because he has flown a few hundred thousand miles for work, he can do this without extra charges.

We spent the first week at the beach at a hotel.  The night before we were suppose to move into our super awesome apartment on the 56th floor of this cool building on the bay, the guy bailed on us.  Incredibly bitter, especially since all the other options for housing were no longer valid, we finally found an apartment a week later in Coral Gables.  These are pictures of our first week on the beach.  What a nice break from freezing temperatures and snow!

We spent a …

Benelux get-away

So way back in September, Simon and I had a little weekend get away.  I realized this is January.  I already uploaded the pictures but forgot to post them.  Simon's parents were in town (thanks for watching our kids) and we rented a car and drove up to the Netherlands and Belgium.  Those were last on my list of Europe and Simon found a way to make it work.  Thanks love. canals in Amsterdam

coolest castle in the Netherlands
the Atomium in Brussels

Grand Place Belgium probably the best square we have ever seen in Europe
enjoying a Belgium waffle

Borussia Mönchengladbach German soccer team
Aachen cathedral The was original constructed by Charles the Great and where he is buried.  Seriously impressive.

more of Amsterdam

home again, home again

I realized that I have not posted a single thing since our two and half month stay in Miami.  I am not back in Munich and apologize for the delay.  We were enjoying the beautiful weather.  We left Miami with highs int he 80s and today came home to a high of 24 degrees.  That is brutal.  Although, my kids are excited to use the snow tomorrow for some sledding.

Miami was interesting.  I knew Spanish was prevalent.  I didn't realize that in my home country I wouldn't be able to communicate with some many people and have cashiers at every establishment speak to me in Spanish.  Auburn told me that people speak English and Spanish in the US.  I had to remind her that was really only in Miami.  The traffic is horrid there.  So many people and no place to expand.  It is almost suffocating.

We did get  to see family and spend holidays with them.  It has been almost five years since that has happened.  We drove to Jacksonville to see good friends, our old ward and our home.  We enjoyed …