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What does your baby fall asleep to?

hard rock?

Auburn likes her lullabies, but she will always fall asleep in her Daddy's lap listening to Metallica. I can't believe it, but it works like a charm. I don't even like Metallica....

Happy Half-Birthday Auburn!

Today I am 6 months old. Mommy says that I am growing up way too fast! I weigh 7.55 kilos and I am 65.5 centimeters long. I can roll over both ways now. I can sit up for a little bit without help, but I still fall over sometimes. I put everything in my mouth. I just want to see how it tastes. I am trying a lot of new food, but my favorite is still milk! I like to go for walks, play with my toys and rock out with Daddy. I like to smile and laugh. A very nice lady in our ward my this dress for me. It is a traditional Bavarian dress called a dirndl. Don't I look pretty? Well, I have to get back to playing. Cheers!

How sweet!

Yesterday, I had stake training. So Simon watched Auburn so I go and try to understand my 3 hour meeting in German. I came home to a clean house and this....

Yes, my husband bakes the BEST pies ever. Not only does it look great, it tastes delicious. And I have a clean house. Thanks honey!

Carrots and toes

A quick update on Auburn....

Auburn had her first solids last week.... carrots. Baby food is a little different here, but I am learning. Carrots is what they start with here. She loves her carrots. She gets so messy, but is just the cutest little thing ever!
Her new favorite toy is her toes. Loves them!!! This has been going on awhile, and it still amazes me how flexible she is. I found her like this one morning last week, just babbling and playing with her toes.


When we returned home from Egypt, Simon had to travel to Taipei for work. These are a few of the pictures that he took. It was a work trip, but he was able to see a few things while he was there.

Apparently it is the year of the Ox. Simon said that they had decorated oxen everywhere.

We were watching this show on food network where this guy would travel around the world trying different cuisines. We just happen to watch the one that was filmed in Taiwan. They have this stuff called stinky tofu. This guy on the show would eat anything, I mean anything, but he could only take a few bites of this tofu. Well Simon found some at this night market and said that it is the nastiest thing he has ever smelled. Just the smell made his stomach hurt the rest of the night.

Taipei 101
The tallest building in the world.

Yeah for Daddy coming home!!!