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boy or girl

When I was pregnant with Auburn we thought it would be a girl because of my little niece.  She was four at the time and before we knew that we were expecting a baby, she did.  At a family reunion she repeatedly told me that there was a baby in my belly.  I laughed, and told her she was confusing me with her Mom, who was expecting a baby girl.  She was persistent and told me that it was a baby girl.  Well a few days later, we took a test and she was right - a baby!  We were thrilled!  We figured if she was right about the baby then she was probably right about gender.

I had a strong feeling before I was pregnant with Conley that we were going to have another girl.  When I became pregnant with Conley I just knew that it was a boy.  I told Simon that my feeling had changed and this was for sure a boy.  When the doctor told us that we would be having a little boy I wasn't surprised at all.

As for this baby, I have felt from the beginning that it is going to be a girl.  Maybe this migh…

kid updates

It's been a while since I did an update on these two little sweethearts.  They both are very excited to have a little brother or sister.  They are also very excited to go on our upcoming trip.  They pretend they are going on trips all of the time.  They play very well together and come up with some very imaginative games on their own.  I find myself thanking the Lord throughout the day at random times for these sweet little kids.

Auburn - almost 4 and a half
loves to read, and is doing very well in English and is starting with Spanish takes a ballet class in German and dances around the house has developed her very own style of drawing and will sit for long periods of time drawing and coloring she draws pictures for her friends can write her own name, all of the letters and is starting to spell other words on her own loves playing with her baby and stuffed animals
is very compassionate loves all things "princess" would prefer to live in the US favorite colors are sti…
What do you do with weeks and weeks of snow?   Go sledding of course.  Oh, and make snowmen, snow angels and snow balls.

BCS bowl game and Key Biscayne

Those of you who follow college football know that this year there was a BCS bowl game along with the National Championship game in Miami.  Simon looked at tickets for the BCS bowl game thinking that they would be ridiculous and guess what, they were super cheap so we took the whole family.  It was FSU vs. Northern Illinois.  We were kind of hoping for Northern Illinois, but they couldn't get it together.  It was a late night for the kids, but they loved it.  They cheered when either team scored and loved finding the blimp.  Simon went the night of the National Championship just to see if he could get a ticket.  He could of if we were willing to spend around a thousand dollars so... he came home and watched the game with our neighbor. 

 At the end of the game, Auburn was a little tired and I got a few snuggles.

Conley's view of the game

Simon's parents came to visit before we headed back to Germany.  We headed out to Key Biscayne.  It was a perfect day to play in the wa…


Christmas Eve we had hot chocolate and cookies.
Santa managed to find us in Miami

Auburn and Conley exchanged gifts this year.  It was so fun to take them shopping and let them pick something out for each other.  Conley gave Auburn a My Little Pony, she gave him a football.
Conley loved his Thomas train set from Santa.
The weather was so nice on Christmas that we took the kids to the park and beach.  We apparently were not the only ones with that idea, it was packed.  The kids had a great day!

The next day my parents and sister joined us.  We had a second Christmas.  I don't know if anyone got pictures we were all to excited to see each other.  We spent some more time at the beach and exploring the city.  We hope you all had a Merry Christmas!