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Salzburg Red Bulls

In August we had a free Saturday and headed out to Salzburg to catch a Red Bulls soccer game.

Conley has kind of been on a soccer jersey kick right now, and insisted that he wear on to the game.

Well, then Auburn wanted to wear one.   So Conley let her borrow his brand new jersey that is still to big for him.

And then of course Daddy had to wear one as well.

 Mommy didn't because her jersey is packed up in Florida.
The kids loved the game and all of the yummy snacks!

Schliersee to Tegernsee

Simon had a day off of work in August for some Catholic holiday that is celebrated here in Bavaria.  We decided to take advantage of the day off and the beautiful weather to go and to a hike that we had been talking about for a few years.  You can hike from one lake to another lake in the Alps.  It is an hour train from both destinations.  So we woke up early and headed to Schliersee.  
Conley at the beginning of the hike in Schliersee.
taking a snack break
taking another snack break

Tegernsee It took us about four and a half hours to finish the hike, including lunch and snack breaks.  Auburn was amazing and walked almost the entire way.  Conley walked a large amount as well, but really enjoyed his time on Simon's shoulders.

Auburn really wanted to throw some rocks in the water.  Simon was kind enough to take her the extra 10 minutes down to the water's edge so she could do just that.  Conley and I stayed at the train to save seats for all of us.  It was a good thing we did b…

Aunt Carrie

Aunt Carrie came for a visit!  The kids loved having her here.  We went swimming, to the library, the park and saw a castle.  Carrie taught the kids a little bit of sign language, did a science experiment with them and read lots of books.  She is a teacher, can't you tell.  Thanks for coming Aunt Carrie and come back soon!

a weekend away

My sister Carrie came for a visit this summer.  She is a teacher and has spent her last two summers traveling around Europe and seeing us.  We were able to head to Prague for a weekend, just us sisters.  It was great.  Simon came home from a business trip that morning, it was a little tight but it worked.  Having my sister here with me was definitely the highlight a of my summer.  We took the bus from Munich to Prague.  Unfortunately, so did a bunch of people with kegs of beer.  The ride back was much nicer.  I was able to find a 9 euro bus ticket.  We stayed in hostel and I was reminded of how old I am when we started talking to the other girls in our room.  A big thanks to Simon for watching the kids and cleaning the house and a thanks to Carrie for a wonderful weekend.

Our first stop was Prague Castle
 St. Vitus Cathedral

This is my awesome sister Carrie.

St. George Bascilica

Ceiling of the Prague Castle

Charles Bridge This place was packed with tourists for most of the day.  We ju…

my little helper

Auburn is my little helper in the kitchen.  She really likes to help me bake. She is wearing a soccer jersey because we were headed to a game later that day.

big boy

This guy is growing up so fast.  We can officially say that he is potty trained.  I started him a few months ago and we have slowly been potty training.  He was two and one month when I started, but his diapers were getting too small.  He has done awesome!  I think we are at three weeks of wearing big boy underwear all the time and no accidents.  He calls them his "big underwear".  I am super proud and excited to be done with diapers.
He is also starting to protest the stroller.  I was a little concerned taking both of the kids on the subway without a stroller, but they have done great.  When we have to walk a long way or go to the store then he has to ride.
This is a picture of him after a bath.  Simon combs his hair this way.   This is what they call "pelo funky".  Pelo is hair in Spanish.