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The second stop on our itinerary was Portugal.  We really wanted to go to the Algarve region on the southern coast.  The pictures looked amazing and although March wasn't the warmest time of year to go, it was still much warmer than Germany.  It was also nice to get pictures without the millions of tourists that visit each summer.  This area is full of so much natural beauty.  It was great to just get lost in it all.  

We flew into Lisbon and spent a day showing the kids our favorite parts of the city and eating delicious pasteis de belem.  We then drove down the coast and spent the week on the beach.  We had a kitchen in our hotel room and it was nice to be able to cook just a little instead of eating out every meal. We also had a heated indoor pool which was nice to go for a little swim.  This area was great for kids.  They were able to do a lot of exploring and running around outside.
The kids in Lisbon.
Conley chilling at the hotel.
The view from our hotel.

Prainha Beach



Petra Simon has been talking about Petra for a couple of years, but I just wasn't that excited about it.  We knew that it was one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.  Honestly, we thought it was just the Treasury building, and I didn't want to go that far to see one building carved out of stone.  Simon then started doing some research and found out just how extensive and amazing Petra is.  We found out that we could fly from London to Amman for cheap and then take a bus (about 3 1/2 hours) down to the Petra.  Simon kept telling me that we would of been kicking ourselves if we had left Europe, being so close to Petra, and not going to see it.  He was absolutely right.  Petra is probably the most impressive thing that I have ever seen.

Treasury The treasury is the first thing you see when you enter the city.  You pass though a long and beautiful Siq to see this masterpiece.  It is protected from the elements because of where it is situated and is the most preserved building.  …


The idea for this trip all started in Miami.  Simon had a bunch of days off he needed to use by the end of April.  He wasn't allowed to take any days off for quite a few months due to the Miami trip and other work assignments.  I don't like to travel far in my third trimester, so we decided on March.  We started make lists of the places that we wanted to go and then looked at airline tickets.  We realized that most places were going to cost a lot more than we were willing to pay.  Then Simon had a brilliant idea...  if we went to London then we could take the EasyJet to all sorts of places for cheap.  He then came up with this itinerary:  Munich to London, London to Jordan, Jordan to London, London to Portugal, Portugal to London, London to Morocco, Morocco to London, and then back to Munich again.  This itinerary was almost the same price as Munich to Jordan believe it or not.  It was three different destinations that we have been talking about visiting.  We decided to take a…