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Adorable Auby

We occasionally have photo shoots of Auby. We took these this past Saturday and these are just too cute not to post!

California adventures

We decided to take a little trip within our trip to California. We spent Christmas week celebrated with the Hills and the week after Christmas decided to drive up the coast to see San Fransisco and the Redwoods. The first day we drove to San Fransisco and spent the day exploring Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39 and went to Ghirarelli's square. We had two major let downs, first, Simon's favorite cookies, Blue Chip are no longer SF and second the line for ice cream at Ghirarelli's was enormous. On our way back down from the Redwoods we stopped back in SF and saw Chinatown, the Full House houses and tried to get a Hill Family picture of the Golden Gate bridge, but there was so much fog we couldn't see it from land.

Lighthouse in Trinidad, CA

Simon ranks Highway 101 as one of the most scenic routes he has driven.

It's hard to really appreciate how beautiful the Redwoods are without being there. Our camera just didn't do justice. We hiked the into the Lady Bird John…

Auby's first Christmas

We had our first round of Christmas before we left Germany. Thanks Mom and Dad and Kyle and Melissa! We enjoyed all the cool stuff you brought us. Auby getting ready to open her presents!

The aftermath and Auby enjoying one of her presents with Daddy!

We celebrated Christmas with all the Hills in San Diego. Auburn had no idea what was going on Christmas morning, but seemed excited. I think all of the excitement was too much, she took a nap in between opening presents.

We ventured to Coronado for a few days with the family. Thanks Brad and Lupe!

Auby loved getting to know her cousins, Samuel, Brandon and Caleb!

Vegas Bowl

We decided to return to the states for Christmas this year. This year we went to San Diego to spend Christmas with the Hills. It just so happened that BYU was playing in the Vegas Bowl. So after 20 hours of traveling and sleeping for 5 hours, we drove from San Diego to Vegas. Auby did very well on the plane ride from Munich to LA. Can I say that I love Lufthansa. They have bassinets for infants for long haul flights! We flew in a small commuter plane the rest of the way. She did not like the small commuter plane and was sure to let everyone on board know it.

Let's just say the game was a huge disappointment, but we had fun in Vegas. We got to sleep in, explore the strip and see some friends.Auby enjoying her first of many BYU games!!!

Auby at the M & M world in Vegas, if only she knew how good M & Ms are.