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Spain - Part I

17 days. 4,500 miles. 34 cities. Castles, cathedrals, bull rings, soccer games, art museums, a national park, natural thermal bath, a cave... Whew! We had a wonderful time! Auburn is a great little traveler. We feel so grateful that we are able to travel and see so many wonderful things.

Castillo de la Mendoza in Manzanares El Real just outside of Madrid Daddy and Auby at Coca Castle The aqueduct in Segovia. It was built in the first century by the Romans and does not have any mortar holding it together. Auburn and I in front of one of the city gates in Avila. The entire city is enclosed by 88 towers and eight gates.
Simon at the Porto game. We spent one night in Portugal. They didn't allow babies in the stadium, so Auburn and I explored the city while Simon went to the game.

We spent Easter morning in Salmanca. This is the main catedral. We missed the Semana Santa processional, but saw preparations at the church while we were there.

This is the main plaza in Salamanca decorated…

The latest photo shoot

I can never decide which ones to are just a few.

General Conference

I love these guys!!!

Spring, glorious spring!

Spring is finally here in Munich. I am so grateful! After living in Florida for 8 years, I have forgotten how long and cold winters can be. We would have weeks when the temperature would barely go above freezing all week, yuck!!! Auburn and I have been taking advantage of the good weather by going on long walks every day. Even though we live right downtown, we are very close to a few parks, Luitpold Park and Olympic Park (where the 1972 Olympics were held). After WWII, these parks were the dumping grounds for all of the rubble. They created large "hills" on top of the rubble. We have been walking up the paths to get some great views of the city and for some really good exercise!
On Saturday, we walked to a park that is a little bit further away. Simon plays pick-up soccer every Saturday at the Englischer Gardens. Auburn and I had a little picnic and watched the ducks while Simon played soccer (and scored a hat trick) and then we walked back together.
I forgot my camera on Sat…