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Conley, Conley

On June 6th, we blessed our little Conley. Simon gave him a beautiful blessing. I unfortunately didn't catch every word. Auburn kept saying "Daddy bless Conley". My parents were able to be in town for this blessing. I didn't get pictures of him with other people, but at least I got a picture of him in his blessing outfit.

I am pretty sure his eyes are going to stay brown.

Conley and Daddy outisde on the balcony.

Conley had his six week checkup last Friday. He weighed in at whooping 6.7 kilos (14 lbs 12 oz). He is a healthy boy. The doctor was going through the routine questions and got to "Is he eating well?" He stopped and looked at Conley and said, "of course he is". He is already in 3-6 month clothes. Look at those chubby little legs... I just love them!

My Dad works at Cape Canaveral so these "rocket jammies" as Auburn calls them are from my parents! I think he looks very handsome in navy blue.

Conley is so calm and peaceful. …


Simon and I celebrated our fourth anniversary in May. Our anniversary fell on a holiday here in Germany so lucky for us, Simon had the day off. I told him that all of Germany was celebrating our anniversary! We didn't a lot considering that I had a baby six days prior, but it was a nice day. We were able to take advantage of my parents being here and had a date about a month after.

I can't believe that it has already been four years. I am so grateful to be married to my best friend. We have had four wonderful, adventure-filled years and have been blessed with two beautiful children! Happy Anniversary Love!

funny things Auburn said this week

Simon has been out of town (more about that later) and so I have tried to remember the new things that Auburn has said. Here are a few of the funny ones.... (remember she is not even two yet)

"pink bear wear brown shoes"
She is really into dressing up her teddy bears lately.
"how about some tortellini?"
That is what we had for dinner tonight. I laughed when she said it because it sounds so grown up.
"Conley's chillin"
She tells me when Conley is sleeping, awake ect, but this made me laugh. I guess I said it awhile ago.
Nephi, Lehi, Liahona, Moroni ect....
She got a Book of Mormon story book from my parents and now she knows all of the Book of Mormon prophets. She tells me the names all the time.
"Auburn count strawberries, 1,2,3"
I about fell over when she said this. She counts everything to three. She also started telling me the numbers in one of her books, she got 1-5 right. I think my Mom taught that to her while she was here.

big sister

With all of the attention that Conley has been getting, I thought I would make a post about the big sister. Auburn is such a sweet older sister. She is always bringing him her favorite blanket and her toys. These are her new jammy jams. She walked around for days saying "new jammies like it".

This is Auburn and Daddy at the park on the big swing.

These are my two little munchkins in their double stroller. Auburn is always saying "Auburn sit next to Conley". She loves to hold his hand and help him find his bink when he cries.

This is in the subway station. I guess they were just both exhausted.

We just love our Auburn! She is really growing in so many ways. Her vocabulary is incredible and she has started saying four and five word sentences. She specifically asked for her "pink bow" in the picture below. Yes, that is right she knows her colors (in English and Spanish) She has also named all of her shirts and usually requests what she wants to wear…

three weeks

Conley is already three weeks old. I can't believe where the time has gone. He is such a sweet and calm baby. He is already a big boy! He is almost too big for his 0-3 month clothes. He is a champion sleeper, usually waking only one time during the night. He has even had a few nights of 8 hour sleep, it has been wonderful! We just love him and are so happy to have him here in our family!
Everyone has asked me how Auburn has adjusted to having a sibling. She was a little bit jealous and wanted Mommy to hold her all the time, but she soon got over that. She loves her brother. She is always bringing him her toys and her favorite blanket. I had to intercept a rice cake that she was trying to feed him the other day and explain that he only drinks milk right now. She also regularly asks to "hold baby Conley" or "snuggle baby Conley". She also loves the double stroller and asks me to "sit next Conley". She really is such a wonderful big sister!