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When the weather finally started to warm up, Auburn and I have been spending more time at the park. She LOVES the swings and asks me to go every single day at least two or three times. Our conversation usually goes something like this:

Auburn: swings

Jodi: We can go to the swings after your nap

Auburn: slide

Jodi: yes, and the slide

Auburn: weeeeeeee (she says it with such enthusiasm, it is way cute!)

Jodi: yes, the park is fun

Auburn: fun

Today she even told Simon all of this on the phone while he was at work. It is hilarious. After our trip I will try and take some pictures of her on the swings.


and so it continues.....

super and applesauce

Auburn is our little chatterbox. She has about 100 words or so in her vocabulary. She names things everywhere we go. When she gets dressed she tells me what we are putting on, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, scarf, coat ect... If she doesn't know the name for something then she wants you to tell her. She will usually tell me what she wants like hold, side (for outside), eat, walk, play and nap (yes she tells me when she wants a nap). Most of the words that she speaks are English, but she also will say some things in Spanish. (Simon speaks only Spanish with her).
Auburn also gets some German at church, playgroup and the nursery at my German classes. The other day she came home and was saying "super". We were a little confused, because that is not a word that Simon and I use with her. "Super" is a word that many Germans use and we figured that she must of learned it at the nursery. She even says the word like a German. I went to the store and Simon playe…

date night

Simon and I went to the Germany vs. Argentina soccer game here in Munich a few weekends ago. We went with some of our friends. Believe it or not, this is the first time we have ever left Auburn. She was asleep the entire time and didn't even know that we left her. Thanks to my friend again for babysitting! Although Germany lost, we had a great time.