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Happy Birthday!

Can you believe it has already been a year? It has just flown by for us! We are so excited to celebrate our little girl's first birthday! We feel so grateful to have her in our lives and just love watching her grow and develop.

Since we live so far away from family, we decided to have a small party with just the three of us.

Thank you for the gifts Grandma Little and Papi, Grandma and Grandpa Hill and Tanya. I love them!

Auburn's first word after Dad and Mom was duck. She loves ducks. I attempted to make a cake that looked like a duck. I realized that I am not a cake decorator, but at least Auburn recognized what it was without promting.

You mean I can really make a mess?

This is kind of fun!

The final mess. She didn't really like the cake. She has never had sugar before and so it was a little much for her. At least she had fun!

Happy Birthday Auby!

what we have been doing this month... so far

being cute!

sharing She shares all of her toys with everyone.
Enjoying the last few days of summer Auburn loves ducks and we went to the park to see them while Daddy played soccer

learning how to play the guitar with Daddy

Simon went to the Bayern v. Wolfsberg game. Apparently it was awesome. Auburn and I stayed home and watched a chick flick.

studying German

This week Auburn went to the doctor for her one year check up. She weighed in at a whopping 8 kilos, which is a little more than 17 pounds. She is such a light weight, only in the 25 percentile. Although I don't know how, because she eats a ton of food! She getting up on her feet more and more but is not really close to walking She has learned how to say "dog" and she points out every dog she sees, which is a lot because we walk everywhere. She also says "baby" and "go", I think the count is about 7 words now. We are getting excited for the big one year birthday! I'll post pictures of the cak…