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Conley Berendt Born May 7th at 5:00 pm 4.1 kilos (9 lbs) 59 cm (23.2 inches)

We feel very blessed and humbled to have another sweet child come to our family.

Auburn update

I really meant to write an update when Auburn turned 18 months, but somehow it just never happened. Now she is 19 and half months old. Here are a few of her (and our) favorite things:

She likes to call Daddy. She will pick up any phone and say "Dad" and then tell him about her day. She sometimes gets upset when I am on the phone and it is not Simon. Apparently, once when I was gone she called me.

She now asks for soccer games and the ball.

She will bring you her blanket and saw "snuggle" (we both love this!)

She asks Simon to "tackle" her. He throws her in the air and she just laughs and laughs.

She loves her bears and dolls. She started feeding them her sippy and crackers and has asked to put a diaper on them. I didn't think this would happen until after the baby was born, but I was wrong.

Her new favorite songs include: Wheels on the Bus, 5 Speckled Frogs and If your Happy and You Know it. She does the actions and will ask for each of them by name. She…

Germany road trip - part 2

Here is the second part of our trip. I figured that since I am this baby is due next week, I better get this finished.

Schloss Wernigerode It was a nice little castle that looked over a very picturques town.

Auburn enjoying the Wolfsburg game.

We took a ferry ride in Hamburg to see the city from a different view. Auburn loved the boats.

Bremen We saw the Rathaus, the Dom and the Bremen town Musicians. Simon even got to see some mummies in the crypt.

Daddy and Auburn at the Bremen game.

You are probably wondering why there is a picture of windmills. All over Germany there are windmills and Auburn kept asking about them. She learned the word the first day and kept asking for them the entire trip. One night in the car she kept asking for "more windmills" and was really upset when we couldn't magically make them appear.

We drove over to Poland, just to say that we been there. There was much over the border, you really had to drive to get to the bigger cities. We did stop and have som…