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Winter came late this year.  We had a pretty mild winter until the beginning of February and then the temperature dropped to highs in the teens.  It was pretty miserable.  I was so happy when the temperature finally reached thirty degrees.  We also didn't get a lot of snow that stuck until this month.  The kids have loved being able to go sledding and playing in the snow.  We have built a few snowman and made lots of snow angels and snow cakes.

Today is Fashing Deinstag (or Fat Tuesday in the US).  Simon actually gets this day off of work.  We spent the morning at the Natural History museum here in Munich.  It is modest, but the kids loved it.  Conley kept saying "more more" and Auburn wanted to know what everything was.  They have also loved having Daddy home on a Tuesday.  Apparently there are lots of carnival celebrations downtown, but we decided that taking naps this afternoon was a better choice.


Simon's Mom offered to watch the kids for us while she was visiting.  We thought about taking a trip to Lisbon for a couple of days, but Simon had to work.  I thought that was the end of it, but apparently Simon somehow figured out a way to make it work without telling me.  The night before the trip he told me, although he had planned on telling me the morning of.  He had worked it out with his Mom.  They were sneaky and spoke Spanish while I was in the kitchen.  This is the very first time that Simon and I have been away alone since we have had children.  I have to admit, I teared up a little when we left, but I knew that they were in very good hands.  They loved spending time with Grandma and she loved spending time with the kids, but I think they wore her out a little bit.  The kids didn't really even seem to miss us.
This to me is Lisbon.  It really is a town that is a feeling.

So of course we had to go to a soccer game.  It just so happens that there were two soccer game…

grandma comes to visit

Grandma Hill came to visit us in January.  She stayed for two weeks and the kids loved it.  They were completely spoiled.  Simon and I were even able to get away for a few days (that is for another post).  Here are some of the pictures from her visit.

We went to the zoo.  It was actually a really warm winter day for us and turned out to be a great day.  Although I totally forgot bears hibernate in winter and my sweet little Auburn was a little upset that there were no brown bears.  We made up for it by seeing polar bears instead.  Here she is trying to be like a monkey.  The funny thing is I didn't even ask her to make that face, it was all on her own.
Conley is watching the rhino.

We went to BMW Welt and they had a motorcyclist doing stunts in the building.  The kids like seeing it, but it was a little loud for them.

We went sledding.  This is the pre-sledding photo.  The pictures didn't really turn out during the sledding, but I think it was our most successful outing so fa…