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Today is the first day of Oktoberfest. The last time that I was there I was nine months pregnant with Auburn. She was born the next day. Since we are not going to be in town for the majority of the festival we decided to head downtown. Simon got me a dirndl for Christmas and I had to wear it. Auburn and Conley are both wearing traditional clothes as well, although Conley is missing the lederhosen. We were all dressed up except Simon. He decided to sport a BYU shirt in support of the Cougs for tonight. I feel weird that the big game is this early, but Happy Oktoberfest and Go Cougars!

Conley is eating a cracker. It was the only way we could get him to look inthe right direction.

These are the famous cookies that people wear around their necks during Oktoberfest. They are also pretty popular at Christmas.

me in my dirndl

They were so distracted about what was going on that they were not very interested in taking pictures. This one they are at least looking in the right direction.