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Auburn loves books! Since she was only 3 months old she would sit and watch you turn the pages of a book. A few months ago she figured out how to turn the pages on her own. She thought she was pretty clever. Now that she is crawling, she will find a stack of her books, pull all of them down and flip through them one by one. At the end of the day I find every single book on the ground and open to a different page. I hope that she will always love books!


Yep, that is Auburn's third word.... duck. She has been saying it for about a week now. Although it usually sounds more like "guck" or "uck". She totally associates the word with her rubber ducks toys and pictures.
So it was "dada", "mama" and then "duck". She has said "danke" a few times, but not consistently. I wonder what will be next.....

Auburn update

Auburn has changed so much in the last month. I can't believe that in a week she will be 10 months old. The time has gone so quickly.For 3 months, the only word we heard was "dada", and she finally learned how to say "mama". Although she usually only says "mama" when she is upset or wants something., and we hear a lot of "dada" when she is happy. She has finally figured out how to use her legs to help her crawl. For awhile she would drag herself across the floor with her arms. She loves the freedom and chance to explore that crawling gives her. Auburn loves to clap her hands! She is always giving her self a round of applause. It mainly happens when she is eating, especially if she is feeding herself. Sometimes Simon gets a round of applause when he gets home from work. She will give kisses and thinks is is pretty funny. Her kisses are usually more of an open mouth slobber. We love them though! She also thinks is it funny to make noises when …

Neuhaus am Schliersee

Schliersee is a little lake only about an hour out of Munich at the foot of the Alps. Simon's company has some property there and they let their employees use it for hvacations. Simon was able to reserve a room for us the last weekend in June. It is an absolutely beautiful place! We wished the weather would of been a little bit more cooperative, but we still had a great time. We were able to go out on the rowboats, play some ping pong, hike, watch some movies and just relax! It was such a wonderful weekend!

A view from the lake

We took one of the rowboats out on Friday when we got there. We had to take advantage of the sun shine.

Auburn and I enjoying the boatride

It rained all day long on Saturday. We weren't going to let that stop us, so we went for a hike.

At the end of our hike. Simon and I were soaking wet, and Auburn's head got wet at the end because she wouldn't keep her hat on. She actually slept through most of the hike.

Exhausted at the end of the day!