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Happy Birthday Bud!

At the beginning of the month Conley turned 2!!!!  He didn't quite understand everything, but was really excited about the gifts, cake and ice cream.   We had a small family celebration for him.  He got to celebrate again when more gifts arrived from grandparents and cousins via Aunt Sasha, Uncle Scott and Brandon, (more on that later).  I don't have his two year stats yet, but he has his check up in a few weeks.  He is one happy kid and we have had so much fun these past two years with him in our family!  Happy Birthday Conley!

his face is priceless
These are new cars, which he has carried around the house with him everywhere he goes.  In fact he always has cars or trucks in his little hands.

Auburn helped Conley blow out the candles.

I think it is pretty safe to say he loved his cake, which was chocolate of course!

Happy 6 years!

look what we found

In the square, close right by our apartment, they were showing off the trophy for the UEFA Champions League.  For those of you who don't follow soccer, the Champions League is a tournament of the best soccer clubs in Europe, very prestigious.  The final is being played in Munich next week.  It was totally random for them to be showing it, but we walked over and snapped a few shots.

Conley is wearing his Manchester United uniform.  He got it on his birthday and loves it.  He is currently going through phrase where he wants to wear "soccer players".  Luckily my sister-in-law has given us some hand-me-downs from her boys.

Auburn wanted to wear a jersey as well, so we borrowed one from Conley.

Speaking of Champions League, our team Bayern Munich is going to be playing in the final here at home.  This is the first time that one of the finalist has had home field advantage.  Simon had the unique opportunity to attend the the last match of the semi finals.  He was already in M…

auburn stuff

Here are a few things that Auburn has said to me this week.  I thought I would share.
Referring to a lego creation she built: "Mom, this is a scary fire bird that eats tiger meat."
(I have no idea where that came from)

As we were walking down the street,
"I want to ride in a convertible.  I would like to feel the wind in my hair."  And then she shook her head so that her hair would move.

While we were at the mall this week:
A: "Mom, I want want new clothes."
me: "You have clothes."
A: "But I like wearing new clothes."
(We are in trouble when she is a teenager.  She also told me this week that she wants earrings and to wear makeup.)

Conley ask me for a tissue and Auburn volunteered to help him.  She wiped his nose and then told me "Mom, I put the tissue in my pocket in case he needs it again."  A few minutes later I hear "Conley do you need to blow your nose, let me help you (as she gets the tissue from her pocket).  Oh…


A week before we went to China to spent a weekend in Copenhagen.  It was a little crazy, especially since Simon returned home from a business trip from Dubai that same morning we left.  I have always wanted to go to Denmark, I can't explain it, but Copenhagen was a city that I always wanted to visit.  Simon found a deal on tickets and a hotel back in August, so we snatched them up.  We had a lovely, relaxing weekend seeing the sights in Copenhagen.  Here are some of things that we did:

We browsed a few art museums.

saw the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Castle where the royal family lives.

Vor Frue Kirke We saw the statue of Jesus and the twelve Apostles made by Bertel Thorvaldsen.
enjoyed the National Museum

found the cutest little guard you ever saw

took in a FC Copenhagen guard with a happy little girl

visited Vor Freslers Church
saw a view of the Marble Church and Amalienborg castle from across the water and wandered through the free state of Christiania
relaxed and pla…