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I really don't know where July has gone. Summer seems to be quickly slipping away and my kids are growing way too fast. Even though times seems to be flying our summer has been very calm. I do have the itch for another trip. Simon has been in Italy a few times this summer for work. He is actually there right now. The kids and I are enjoying our trips to the park and the nice weather.
Simon has taught Auburn about different bands. She will now put in her requests for music. Some of the bands/ artists she knows, but not limited to, are Rascal Flatts, Metallica, Chicago, Bon Jovi, Peter Cetera, Keane, Robbie Williams, Rob Thomas, Blackhawk, Van Halen and what seems to be her favorite Def Leppard. It is pretty funny to hear an almost two year old asking for Def Leppard.
Conley is growing and growing some more. He is already in 6-9 month clothes and can wear some 9-12 month stuff. He is sleeping through the night (9pm-6am)!!!!! I am really excited about that. He is a very happy and cont…

World Cup

Four years ago my husband was planning on going to the World Cup here Germany... well we got married instead. The plan was for us to both go to the next one in South Africa, and then well... our little Conley was due a month before the start. So being the super-cool wife that I am, I told my husband to go without me, as long as I have help while he was gone. My parents came to help and I sent my husband off for two weeks to see seven World Cup games.

USA vs. Slovenia

Argentina vs. S. Korea

USA vs. England He went with my cousin Ryan and their friend Duane.

Soccer city stadium Netherlands vs. Denmark

Apparently Simon and Ryan climbed up this and jumped into the water fully dressed. That's sound like my husband.

Honduras vs. Chile I think the zebra pattern on the seats are cool.

To me this just says "South Africa"

My handsome hubby!

They *hunted for penguins *followed them around taking a thousand pictures of them
Portugal vs. N. Korea

USA vs. Algeria

They saw a lot of cool animals just…

Oma and Opa visit

My parents came for a visit in June. They spent some time in northern Germany and in Italy and then came to Munich for two weeks. They helped me while Simon was in South Africa for the World Cup (that is another post). It was nice to have them here and Iknow that my children miss them. The first week I was really sick and it was nice to have my children entertained and the everyday chores done, thanks Mom and Dad. We also had awful weather the first week they were here, it rained almost everyday. The second week we were here we went out and explored Munich a little bit.

This is an awesome park here in Munich that has a deer reserve. You can feed the deer and they also have a great playground. Auburn had a great time and always ask to feed the deer now.

We walked around downtown Munich and were there for the big announcement of Munich's bid for the 2018 Olypmics. (Yes it is June and my children are wearing fleece, it was really cold)

Auburn is tucking my Dad in for a nap. …


I just thought this was sweet...

This is my 6 week old son and my 21 month old daughter. This is what it looks like when your daughter is in the 15th percentile and your son is in 90th percentile.