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The first week of January we took a trip to England. We spent a week in the Manchester area, saw four Premiership soccer games and just had a great time together as a family. Yes, it was cold, but it was a lot colder in Germany.

This picture is a little out of order. We headed down to a few little cities, Shrewsbury and Chester. These cities are famous for their Tudor architecture. I think Auburn is eyeing the shopping possibilities.

We headed to Old Trafford, home of Manchester United. This is Simon's favorite soccer team, and now mine as well. We actually came here back in 2006, but it was so awesome we had to come again. Man U won 4-0, thanks to a German hat trick from Rooney just for Auburn.

We headed to the Peak district on Sunday to see the area. This is not Stonehenge, but similiar rock circle called Castlerigg Stone Circle. The whole area was just beautiful!

We went to the National Media Museum in Bradford. I got to give the evening news and Simon and Auburn did the wea…


Walking has been scary for our little one. For some reason she has really been afraid of walking without holding on to anything. She took her first step in Thailand at 14 months, she then refused to take another until we were in England at 16 months. Later that day when we were in the Munich airport she finally took 5 in a row. Since then she has only taken a few steps at a time on her own. She loves walking holding our hands and with her doll stroller.
This week, on the day she turned 17 months, she overcame her fear and just took off. We pulled out the camcorder to get 5-6 steps on tape, but she ended up walking all over the apartment on her own. She was so proud of herself. She would walk from Simon to me just giggling and smiling. I am so proud of her!!! and my pregnant back is very grateful!

New Years

I saw this picture the other day and realized that I never made a post about New Years. I know that it is already the middle of February, but I hope everyone has had happy start to 2010. I made a yummy meal and Simon made this fantastic lemon meringue pie for New Years. That's right, my wonderful hubby makes delicious pies! I fell asleep before midnight, but made Simon promise to wake me up for New Years kiss. He did and we watched the fireworks at the Olympic stadium from our balcony.


Auburn is a total girly girl! She loves playing with my jewelry box and putting all of the bracelets on her arm. A few months ago she started calling the bracelets "pretty". Now all jewelry, Christmas ornaments, sparkly lights, dresses are all called "pretty". She loves putting on her "pretty" Sunday dresses. Every time I open her closet she comments how pretty her dresses are and wants to touch them. She also knows the word "card" because she loves playing with our credit cards. We better watch out for her when she hits her teenage years.

Books... and more books

Auburn loves books! I think I already posted something about this a long time ago. Starting at about 7 months she would pull every book out and look through it one by one. Now, she wants to be read to. I think Simon and I probably read every single book that we own at least one day, usually two or three times. Her vocabulary is growing so fast. If you try to do something else while you should be reading to her, she will get upset.

She brings the books to us, well more like pushes the books on the floor. It doesn't matter what room you happen to be in even the bathrom, she will find you, look up with her sweet brown eyes, say "pleeeaaassee" and "book" and hand you a book. I can never say no, it is really too cute! Oh, and once you finish the books she has brought she will bring you two more to read.