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Auburn has been asking me to teach her to read.  So, I decided to try and just see what would happen.  She just barely turned four and I didn't want to push her, but she was excited so we started.  I am also not a fan of German Kindergarten (preschool here) and I know that she needed some extra stimulation.  Thank heavens for the internet and a knowledgeable sister-in-law.  We have been doing word family crafts, a sight word caterpillar and working on phonics.  There are so many wonderful resources out there to make learning to read fun.  She is really reading now and loves it.  She picks up books and reads the words she knows and asks us for the ones she doesn't know.  She is sounding words out and totally amazes me.  Right now she will read to anyone that will sit down with her. 

reading to Uncle Seth and Conley

 This is a common scene at our house, and makes me so happy.

Happy 4th Auburn!

Our little Auburn turned four last month.  She was so excited for this birthday.  She has been on the countdown since Conley's birthday in May.  She got so excited when we moved from months, to weeks and then days.  This lucky little girl had her California grandparents here for the occasion.  We surprised her on her birthday with a trip to Wildlife Poing.  It is a park where you can feed the animals and see some other native animals from Germany.  She loved it.  It was a little bit rainy and overcast, but still great.  We came home to dinner, chicken pillows, potatoes, salad and peas all at her request.  We then opened presents and ate cake and ice cream!
Auburn feeding the goats.  This girl has no fear of animals.

Talking to the donkey

This goat was a little demanding and jumped on all of the adults.   Conley was afraid that this goat would eat him.

Conley and Grandpa looking at the bears.  Don't worry, you can't feed the bears.

This sweet little girl wanted a pink and…