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athens - part II

After I booked my ticket to Athens, Simon started looking at the soccer schedule in Greece.  He found a weekend a month after me where he could see three of the top Greece teams in the same weekend, his birthday weekend.  So, he decided to go to Athens.  After what happened during my trip I am glad that we went separate and kept the kids out of there.  So, during his trip there were no strikes, except that the games that he wanted to go to were either cancelled or close to spectators due to violence.  Poor guy.  He found one game of a lower division team playing from a man staying in his hostel that came to Athens for the same reasons he did.  Apparently at the end of the game there was some violence and the police used tear gas.  Simon was far ahead of the disturbance, but turned around took a picture and then started to cry.  He said it literally made him cry and it smelled awful.
I am glad that he is home safe and sound.  We both had a great time in Athens, but I don't think w…


I found a deal on a flight to Athens.  With all that is going on there Simon and I didn't really want to take the kids with us.  So my friend here in Munich came with me.  Our awesome husbands watched the kids while we were away.  It was a wonderful child free weekend with some adventure.  
When we arrived everything was on strike, of course.  We found a few other travelers heading to downtown and split a taxi.  We stayed in a hostel with a very nice Iranian woman, who tried to give us advice and showed us all of the things that she had bought.  The first day we wandered around because everything was closed due to the strike.  We did get to go to the Parthenon museum which was great.  The second day we were able to hit all of the sites, and a bonus they happened to be free that day!  We ate delicious gyros, stuffed grape leaves, moussaka and baklava.  
The last evening got a little tense.  Apparently the weekend that we choose to go there were large riots, over a hundred thousand…
I have been in a little bit of a funk lately, so I haven't really blogged.  The weather stayed in the teens for a couple of miserable weeks and then started to warm up.  The cold weather made me homesick and miss our family, the US, a car and so on.  The weather improved, but it took me a couple extra weeks to bounce out of it.  We have some pretty awesome trips coming up which always helps. Our schedule is going to be pretty hectic with our trips and work trips for Simon, it will be June before I know it.  
I made these bread bowls yesterday for dinner with corn chowder.  My Mom use to make these when we lived in Utah.  Mine were not as good as hers, but they were still pretty tasty.  It would of gone faster with my awesome Bosch mixer, but that is in storage somewhere in my parent's house.  Auburn helped.  She was very excited about kneading the bread and refers to it as "our bread".