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I am grateful that both of my kids love books. They love being read to and "reading" the books on their own. It actually amazes me how long their attention span is for books.

reading books in their fort
We took the picture of Conley below last week and I looked back and saw one of Auburn at the same age doing the same thing. I thought I would share.

Auburn at 10 months
Conley at 10 months

Hopefully they will continue to love reading!

what Simon brought me from Amsterdam

Do you know what it is?

Don't worry, I didn't either. It is a flessenlikker. That translates to bottle scraper. This little guy was originally from Norway, but apparently is only used in the Netherlands. It gets the very last drop of anything in a bottle. I know it sounds funny, but I am really excited to use it and to have a random kitchen utensil. Thanks love.


Simon had a crazy couple of weeks. He had planned a weekend trip to Amsterdam months ago to catch a few soccer games. It was suppose to be calm weekend full of soccer, but turned hectic really quick when he had two business trips added to it. He flew to Venice on Wednesday, returned Friday morning and went straight to work. He came home for an hour and half to see us and change luggage and then headed to the airport for Amsterdam. On Sunday he was suppose to fly home, but had to go to Boston for a week instead. We are glad that he is home.

Here are a some highlights from his trip to Amsterdam. The whole point of this trip to was catch two soccer games from the Dutch Eredivisie. Although it was a little crazy, Simon had a great time.

PSV Eindhoven They lost 0-1 to ADO Den Haag.

Ajax Amsterdam They won 2-0 against De Graafschap.

missing this one...

Simon has been gone for a week and doesn't come home till Saturday morning. Normally it isn't a big deal, but this has been a tough one involving sickness, teething and no sleep. We miss you! Saturday can't come soon enough!


This is the usual conversation between Simon and Auburn on Saturdays. They speak in Spanish, but I translated it for you.
FYI: Bundesliga is the German soccer league and Van Nistelrooy is Simon's favorite soccer player
Simon: Auburn, what is today? Auburn: Saturday S: What do we get to watch today? A: Bundesliga highlights S: Would you like to? A: Yes! S: What do we see? A: Golasos (I think it translates to awesome goals or something like that) S: Who is going to score? A: Van Nistelrooy and Bayern Munich
Then before bedtime they watch Bundesliga highlights together and Auburn cheers for the goals. Cute! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!