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Auburn and I were able to go back to Florida to visit my family for a reunion. Simon stayed in Germany and worked. The flights were a little crazy. Flying with a baby internationally by yourself is a little stressful, somehow though, we survived. Auburn did great on the planes and switched her schedule pretty quickly on both ends.

Auburn and I actually spent a whole week in Orlando before the reunion started. We spent the time with my parents, my brother Kyle and his wife, who live in Orlando, and my sister Carrie, who was in between semesters at BYUI. We spent most of the time shopping, swimming or at the beach. My brother Brent, his wife and their three girls came down later. We also stopped off in Jacksonville for a day and a half to see some friends and do some business. I forgot to take pictures in Jax, I was just having such a good time catching up with people. We missed Simon a lot! It was nice to be able to see all of my family. We had a great time!

Grandma and Papi's swim…

studying German

So yesterday Simon came home and was studying German in our bedroom. Auburn and I came in to get something. I set Auburn on the bed and she crawled to Simon. She picked up his German dictionary and brought it back to me. Simon then made a joke about how she was trying to tell me that I needed to look up some German and study. After that she went back to Simon and brought me his pen, as to say "write it down Mom". Simon and I laughed. I guess I just got called out by my daughter.


We took off to Fasaneriesee (a lake in Munich) on Saturday to take Auburn swimming for the first time. We finally had weather that was nice enough to swim outside. The lake was actually close enough to our house that Simon could ride his bike. Auburn loved the water. It was a little cold, but she didn't seem to mind at all. It was so fun to see her have this new experience.

Audi Cup

This is Allianz Arena in Munich. The outside color is changed depending on which team from Munich is playing there. Blue for 1860 and Red for Bayern.

Auburn enjoying the game!

Last week we headed to Allianz arena in Munich for the Audi Cup. It was a short two day tournament. We went on the last day of the tournament and watched Boca Juniors win third place over AC Milan. We then watched Manchester United and Bayern Munich play for the final. The game was scoreless and went to penelty kicks. Man U lost to Bayern. We had a great night together!