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18 months

Conley is now 18 months old.  Where did that time go?  He loves cars.  He usually carries one in each hand all over the house.  He also loves anything that moves, trains, boats, tractors, etc.  He loves books.  He will pull all of the books off the shelf and read them one by one (just like his sister).  He like animals, but particularly horses and dogs.  Simon started playing the horse game with the kids and now Conley sits on anything and calls it a horse.  He calls Simon on the phone.  He likes pretty much all kinds of foods, but particularly fruits and cheese.  When he gets excited he does a little dance.  He loves his blanket.  We are bink free!  We took it away a couple weeks ago, He only had it in his crib, so going to sleep was a little difficult for a few nights.  He is talking like crazy!  Everyday he learns a new word.  He is mainly speaking English, but has started speaking some Spanish with Simon.  There is something adorable about him saying "leche" (milk in Sp…

Happy Birthday Auburn!

Our little girl is 3!!!  So, her birthday was in September while we were in Indonesia.  We, as in Simon and me, decided that her birthday would be in October when we returned.  Crazy, I know, but how do you explain to a three year old that they don't get to open presents or eat cake on their birthday?  So, we planned it for the weekend that we returned.  Honestly, she didn't know the difference.  I figure later on in life she will figure it out, but hopefully she won't care.  We still did all the birthday stuff, just on a different day.  Plus she was in Indonesia, how cool is that?  We didn't do a big fancy party, maybe one day we will.  We had French toast for breakfast and her favorite tortellini with broccoli for dinner, went to the park and just had a day all for her.  She wanted a pink chocolate cake.  

She was really excited about the candles and when we started singing to her.

Conley enjoyed the cake as well!

showing off her new Hello Kitty shirt and her kitche…

Bali - part II

This is the very last post from our trip.  Our kids did really well traveling.  They slept on the long flights and adjusted to the time changes coming and going very quickly.  We choose a place like Indonesia because we thought it would appeal to us and our kids, we were right.  Auburn is a piece of cake to travel with now and loved pretty much everything we did.  Conley was a little more difficult, but slept like a champ every night even though he had three new teeth come in on our trip.  It was nice to have so much Daddy time, especially since he is traveling so much right now.  Auburn really bonded with Simon and when he is home he has to help her with everything.  We feel so blessed to have good little travelers and to have these opportunities to travel and see the world.

Tegallalang Rice Terrace We were really excited to walk through some rice paddies while we were in Bali.  It was so much more beautiful than in pictures, especially the terraces.

A couple was taking some picture…

Gili Islands

Gili Islands
The Gili Islands are a group of three islands off of the bigger island Lombok.  Lombok is about a few hours by ferry from Bali.  The islands are all quite small.  In fact we walked around one of the islands in just under a few hours one day.  That was first for me, walk around an entire island in a day.  We stayed on Gili Trawangan, and then spent a day on Gili Meno.  We swam, played in the sand, took long walks and naps, ate delicious food and relaxed!  It was bliss, pure bliss!  It was a little difficult to come back to reality after the Gilis, especially as I look outside at the forty degree weather here in Munich.  I think the beach was a highlight for our kids.

The kids were hanging outside of our bungalow eating snacks.  Simon is taking this picture from the hammock.
We took one of these boats from Lombok to the Gilis.
We met this little guy on one of our walks.

Hot Sauce Conley always found this bottles and little packages of hot sauce at every restaurant.  He thou…