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Conley's birthday

Someone is having a birthday!
You mean I can ripe this open?

Auburn, can you help me out?

mmm... tasty.

So much cake, where to start.

Oh, what is this stuff?

Mom and Dad have been holding out on me.

How does it taste with a spoon?

I highly recommend having a birthday!

Conley turned one at the beginning of May. Here are a few updates at a year: He can say mom, dad (his favorite word), ba (Auburn), dog, duck, quack, and almost has cow and ball done. He pulls up to everything and cruises along furniture. He loves being on his feet, but he still likes to crawl for speed. He is also starting to climb. He loves dogs, books, legos, playing with Auburn and destroying things like towers. He also loves being outside. The moment he is in his stroller his chubby little legs just start kicking with excitment. I feel like his favorite foods are milk, bananas and grilled cheese. He has a favorite blanket that he likes to sleep and snuggle with. We just love our little boy and can't believe that he is a…

US - the little last part

So our original plan was to stay in Utah for one week and then return to Germany. During the planning process my cousin Tyler announced that he was getting married in the Draper temple the week after we were suppose to leave. Simon had to return to work, but I thought it would be a great idea to see a bunch of my family. The only catch was, I had to fly from Salt Lake City to Munich with both kids by myself. I decided to do it. Somehow we were totally blessed and didn't get the flu that everyone else in the house. And my kids slept for an amazing amount of time.

Like I said our camera died, so this are pictures off of my brother's camera. He only sent me a few so they are very limited. I was able to see my parents, my brother Kyle and his family and my sister Carrie even flew out. I also friends, aunts, uncles and and cousins that I haven't seen in years. It was wonderful!

My cousin Tyler and his new bride HyeWon

The boys scarfing down the biggest hamburgers ever for the bach…

US - Antelope Canyon

As part of our family reunion we went to this place called Antelope Canyon. It is on a Navajo land in Page, AZ. This place is stunning! We all took a tour through it, but Simon and his brother and brother-in-law went for a photo tour and were able to take some awesome pictures.
Seth and Scott have nice professional cameras, our little Nikon actually died here. After 400 pictures that Simon took in two and a half hours, it died. We are thankful for those who helped us pull the pictures off of the memory card and for documenting the rest of our trip!
Here are some pictures of Antelope Canyon...

US - week 1

We take a trip back to the states every year to see family. Our families live on opposite sides of the country so we alternate East and West Coast. This was our last trip back and we decided on Utah. We spent almost four days with the Hill family in St. George, Utah for a reunion.

Grandma and Grandpa Hill with all the grandchildren

Simon and Brandon hiking in Zion's National Park

Simon, Scott, Caleb and Samuel hiking in Snow Canyon

Conley and his cousin Sierra playing

Auburn and Sierra having a tea party with Grandpa and Grandma (who isn't in the picture)

Uncle Seth in Antelope Canyon

Auburn and Conley hanging out in the sand

The Johnson family

our family

long overdue post

I just realized that I haven't posted for a month. It has been a busy one. We just return from a vacation to the US. We had a family reunion with Simon's family. It just so happened that my cousin was getting married the week after and all of my family was coming into town so I decided to stay an extra week. Simon had to get back to work, so I flew solo with the kids home. All 20 hours of travel. I was so nervous about it, but the kids were angels. I really felt everyone's prayers with me. If I could just get Conley back to his schedule that we would be great.

I'll post some pictures of the Utah trip another post. I still have to sort through them.

But in the meantime here are a few pictures of some events of April....

The Friday before we left, Simon totally surprised me. He took the day off and had passes to the Munich Zoo. It was a perfect day. Auburn was so excited about everything and Conley seemed to enjoy himself as well.

Every Wednesday we go to this indoor playpl…