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We spent the holidays in Neuhaus next to a little the little lake Schliersee like last year. It was wonderful and relaxing! We really just ate, played and slept. It is a holiday apartment that Simon's company owns. They have two playrooms filled with toys and books, ping pong, billards and fussball tables. We were also able to go outside on Christmas. It didn't last very long. We went sledding down the little hill behind Conley, but the snow was icy and Auburn got scared. If it looks cold, it was. It was Simon's first white Christmas.
We opened presents when we got home. Santa stopped by on Sunday during naptime. He brought a sled for the kids and they loved it.

hanging out on the sled in Neuhaus

swinging in Neuhaus

Conley's favorite part of Christmas
on their new sled with all of their presents behind them

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!!

seven months

My little boy is seven months. I really don't know where the time has gone. I know that he looks like he is already a year old, but I feel like he was just born. He is such an easy baby, I feel really blessed.

He now loves solid food. There are sometimes that I just can't feed him fast enough. He is still a super sleeper, 11-12 hours a night. He can sit up by himself. He pushes him self backwards when he is on his tummy, and gets stuck under furniture quite often. He loves playing with his toes and taking his socks off.

Conley loves toys. Luckily, he has a loving sister who brings him stuff all the time. (I found this one morning after my shower) Conley is very social and wants to be involved with everything. He still doesn't have any teeth, but I think some are on the way. My very happy natured baby has been grumpy the past few days.

I know this picture is blurry, but his smile is so sweet. This is the best one we had of it.

We love you Conley! Happy seven months!