Wednesday, October 27, 2010

our US trip

In October we headed back to the US to see our families. Our kids were absolutly wonderful on both of the plane rides. I am grateful that flying doesn't bother them at all. Auburn was SO excited to have her own seat and meal. Coming back we had some pretty bad jet lag. Conley, my super sleeper, decided that he wanted to go to bed at 2am for about four days, and Simon had to jump on a plane to Italy the day after we returned (we didn't know that was going to happen). It all made for an exciting return.
The pictures are in the wrong order. I always accidentally do this, sorry. Just so you know, we started in DC with my family, drove to New York to meet up with Simon's family. Thanks to Brent and Kirsten for letting us crash with you in DC and thanks to Paula for letting all of us share your wonderful studio in New York.

After we spent a day in NY, we drove up to Conneticut to see the leaves with Scott, Sasha and Seth. The leaves were in their peak and it was just beautiful!

Seth took some pictures of us as a family and I will post those later, but here is Auburn with Daddy.

We took in a Red Bulls soccer game. Our friend Rob met up with us at the game.

The Johnson family. Sierra is twice Conley's age and weighs almost 8 lbs less.
It was our first time meeting Sierra. Auburn just followed her around and loved her
and mothered her.
Conley lovin' it!

Auburn, Conley and their cousin Sierra
Seth hooked us up. We were able to go to the 49th floor of this building overlooking Ground Zero. We were the only people on the floor and it was an amazing view of NY.

On our way to New York from DC we stopped in Philly. I had never been there before.
We only had a quick two hours, but managed to see a few things.

In DC we went to see the National Arboretum with my family. Here is Auburn enjoying the fountain.

Simon and I were able to go to the Washington DC temple one morning. It was wonderful!

We headed to the zoo and Auburn loved it, especially the Pandas!

Here are my parents with five of their six grandchildren. It was near to impossible to take a picture with them all looking at the camera. I hope someone else got a better picture than I did.
Auburn had SO much fun with her cousins and still talks about playing with them.

Thanks Mom and Dad and Scott and Sasha for flying out to see us! We didn't get to see everyone, but hopefully we can catch the rest of my siblings the next time out.... or you can come see us!

Grandma and Grandpa Hill

I'm a little behind in my blogging. The past two months have been a whirlwind, and I am finally catching up. Simon has been on three different buisness trips, we have taken two trips and we have had two different sets of visitors. That being said, Grandma and Grandpa Hill came to visit in September. They came on Auburn's second birthday. They also did some traveling on their own while they were here, I think about five different countires in all. Here are some of the pictures

Conley and Grandpa

We hiked up to the Andecht monestary for this beautiful view and to see this church in side.

Simon and Brad were able to take in a game at Allianz Arena

Here's Grandma cutting Auburn's birthday cake

Thanks for coming to visit Grandma and Grandpa, come back anytime!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

new pics

Last weekend we took some more pictures of the kids. Here are a few of my favorites.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Auburn!!!

Well, last week my little girl turned two! I feel like we were just bringing her home from the hospital. We have been helping her understand what a birthday is. When we would question her she would respond to the appropriate questions. Her answers were "get a present", "eat cake, chocolate cake" and after her birthday she told me that "Auburn needs to cool down the candles again." I guess she wants another birthday. On Sunday we had another cake and she thought it was her birthday again, it was really cute!

Grandma and Grandpa Hill were actually able to be here for her birthday this year. Their plane arrived in the afternoon and we celebrated in the evening. Conley decided the party wasn't for him and actually slept through the entire thing.

She was more interested in eating cake than smiling for a picture.

She was spoiled rotten by her Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, thanks for the presents!
Simon found this awesome children's mp3 player for her without headphones. She carries her "radio" around everywhere and asks for me to turn it on for her. It is uploaded with all of her favorites, even Daddy's music.

Auburn is such a delightful two year old. She repeats everything, I mean everything. Today, I think she said her longest sentence to date "Do you want to read your prophet book on the blue coach?" She narrates what is happening all day long. She loves helping me. Her new favorite is setting the table. She runs to me and asks "would you like to set the table?"
She loves her baby and bears, blocks and building towers, animals. She still loves reading books. She will sit and read for a half an hour reading books by herself while I do chores and shower in the morning. She loves looking at photos on the computer (screen saver option). She loves the swings and playing in the sand. She also loves her brother and is a very big helper!
Happy Birthday Auburn!!!!