Thursday, January 27, 2011

funny things Auburn said this week

You are doing a great job" She said this to herself after finishing her puzzle.

Auburn to Conley "I know you want to play with your toys, but you have to take a nap honey."

Auburn to Simon when she heard sirens "It's an ambulance honey."

Auburn had already gone to bed, but need to go potty. While she was sitting on the potty she happily said "After your nap you can have a bite of cookie!"

Auburn to Conley"Don't give it to her bud, it's not hers to play with."

Auburn to her baby"Just one book bud and then it's time for bed."

Auburn to herself "I should probably play with my princess puzzle"

Monday, January 17, 2011

8 months

Conley turned 8 months while we were in Rome. My little boy just keeps growing and growing. He is still off the charts in weight and in the 90 something percentile for height. He is happy and content. He recently started waking up during the night, something he hasn't done since he was two months old. We put a quick end to that. He loves music. He dances, really he does and it is hilarious. We turn on music or Simon brings out his guitar and he goes nuts. One day when I figure out how to edit our videos I'll put some up. He doesn't crawl yet, but moves backward and in circles. He always figures out how to reach a toy that he really wants. He is pretty even tempered, but he doesn't like it when you take a toy or book away from him. Conley loves books, and Auburn does a wonderful job of making sure that he always has one. He loves food of all kind. He is so content in his stroller as long as he can see. He has started reaching for items on the shelves at the grocery store, which has made shopping more exciting. He is wonderful! We love you Conley! Happy 8 months!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Rome. We haven't been to Italy together, yet. Simon is there all the time for business, but usually in Milan or Venice. I spent some time in Italy almost seven years ago in college when I did a study abroad program in Florence. I was feeling old when I realized that it was seven years. I felt better when we realized that it has been almost twenty years since Simon came for a high school band trip. We decided to take a weekend trip to Rome. Apparently most of Europe had the same idea.

We had a lovely time and also a workout. Pushing around fifty pounds on cobblestone all day long will really do you in. One day we actually carried the kids (Auburn walked, sometimes) so that we could go to the game.


Conley loving breakfast at the hotel

St. Peter's Basilica
There have only been a handful of times where having a double stroller can give you an advantage. We were too wide for the metel detectors so we got to go around! We took turns going in, because there were SO many people it was unreal. You also can't take your stroller into the church.

While Simon was taking his turn in the bascilica, a very nice nun just loved my kids and gaves us clementines. Any Italien that I learned is totally gone, but I know that she did ask their names and ages.

Auburn loved the Colosseum.

from this picture, apparently Conley did as well!
out of order picture of Conley, but thought he was cute.
Auburn at the Roman Forum
We went to see a Roma soccer game, of course. We got to see a great game and six goals total. Conley slept through half of the game, but loved it when he was awake. It was the only game I have ever been to that there were ticket scalping outside. Your ticket has your name on it and you have to show your passport at the door. Great game, great atmosphere.

I thought this was funny,
This is the opposing teams fans...
when Roma scored they all turned and made sure that these ten people knew.
Spanish Steps
Simon and I got separated for a short period of time, it was a little scary because there were so many people. I knew we would find each other, I have a bright green coat. We did find each other and had a nice time enjoying a little snack on the steps.

Trevi fountain
So Auburn developed a love for fountains while we were in Italy. We let her throw in a coin at Trevi fountain and she loved it so much every single time we saw a fountain (and there are a LOT in Rome) she wanted to do it again. We probably spent about fifty cents on this. Luckily there are one and two cent coins with the Euro.
Our stroller wheel broke the day we left for Rome. Luckily the nice maintence man at the hotel had some thick wire and was able to fix it for us. I am still working on a permanent solution, but it seems to be holding up well.
Auburn loves to hold Conley's hand in the stroller.

New Years

Our celebration of the New Year went something like this....

cleaned the apartment. Not the usually cleaning, but the moving furniture,
cleaning out cupboards, and getting rid of stuff type of cleaning.


more cleaning
Chinese take out

yummy apple pie that Simon made

college football bowl games

watched fireworks from the Olympic stadium from our balcony

kissed at midnight
Here is a picture of our delicious pie.
Happy New Year to all !