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Yesterday was Sienna's due date.  She is already two weeks old.  These past two weeks have been a lot more exciting than I had planned for, but sometimes that happens.

Two weeks ago, I went to the hospital to be induced.  Everything was going well, but I stopped progressing and my water had already broken.  After 12 hours of no progress and 22 hours of labor (don't worry I had an epidural) the decision was made that I needed a c-section.  To be honest I was broken hearted and cried the whole way into the operating room, but I knew that it was the right decision to get our baby girl here safe and sound.  The operation went well, but that first week was a very painful recovery for me.  I lived from ibuprofen to ibuprofen.  Just when I was feeling like a person again, I got mastitis that put me back in bed for a couple of days.  Then Sienna had an infected belly button and the medicine they gave me took most of my milk away and I had to supplement for the first time with formula.

Simon has been Super Husband and Super Dad these past couple of weeks.  He has cleaned, cooked, done the grocery shopping and has taken care of the kids.  Auburn and Conley have also been amazing and have really helped me and let me rest when I need it.  I feel very blessed to have such a sweet little family.  I am feeling really good now.  I am grateful that we are all healthy.  Having a new baby around gives our home a special feeling.  Sienna is such a sweet little girl.  She sleeps a lot and likes to be held in the evening for some reason.  Here are a few more photos...

They wouldn't let Simon take pictures in the operating room.  He took this before.

 After she came, they took her and Simon out of the room to get cleaned up and he got some good snuggle time in with her.

First time holding my baby, it was really emotional.

 Auburn and Conley seeing their sister for the first time.  They are so in love with her. 

Coming home from the hospital.  The kids were so excited for us to be home.  They got some good snuggle time in with Sienna, but were a little disappointment that she slept so much.   

 Sienna sporting the awesome sleep sack from the hospital.  
We are so happy that you are here little girl!


SJ said…
so sweet. I'm glad things are going a little better. hugs!
Bradley L. Hill said…
What great pictures! I wish I were a fly in the room to witness it all. Lupe
Oh, Jode, I so hear you about wanting your labor and first time together to go differently. Sorry that it happened, but so glad everyone is healthy! She is a doll!

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