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We are sort of getting into a rhythm after a few weeks.  The kids love their little sister.  There has been no jealousy issues, which kind of surprised me.   Conley doesn't really care to hold her, but he does come up to her and say "I'm Conley, your big brother" and "Don't cry, I'm here".  He also loves to show her his toys and got really excited this morning when she accidentally pushed his Thomas train.  He then tried to show her how to do it the right way.    Auburn is so motherly by nature.  She loves to hold and snuggle Sienna.  She reads to her and both kids sing to her when she cries.  She loves to come and just lay next to her.  She tells me "she is so beautiful". 

 I have to admit, the first time I saw this picture I teared up.  Love my little girls!
Sienna is starting to be more alert and likes to watch what her siblings are doing.
I feel seriously blessed to be the mom of these three sweet kids!
I could just eat her up!
Yesterday was Sienna's due date.  She is already two weeks old.  These past two weeks have been a lot more exciting than I had planned for, but sometimes that happens.

Two weeks ago, I went to the hospital to be induced.  Everything was going well, but I stopped progressing and my water had already broken.  After 12 hours of no progress and 22 hours of labor (don't worry I had an epidural) the decision was made that I needed a c-section.  To be honest I was broken hearted and cried the whole way into the operating room, but I knew that it was the right decision to get our baby girl here safe and sound.  The operation went well, but that first week was a very painful recovery for me.  I lived from ibuprofen to ibuprofen.  Just when I was feeling like a person again, I got mastitis that put me back in bed for a couple of days.  Then Sienna had an infected belly button and the medicine they gave me took most of my milk away and I had to supplement for the first time with formula…

Sienna Corinne

Sienna Corinne was born at 8:02 am at the Rotkreuzklinikum in Munich.   She weighed 3.7 kilos and was 52 cm long.  She is incredibly sweet and a very peaceful baby.  Auburn and Conley are in love with her. She has been smothered with kisses by them and everyone in the family wants to snuggle with her. 

This summer is going to be a big one for us... new baby and move back to the US. 

We are looking forward to the arrival of our baby girl.  My stomach gets lots of loves and kisses from Auburn and Conley.  They have a plan on how to help me when she comes.  Auburn has offered to fold all of her clothes and help change diapers.  Conley is going to get me new diapers and throw away the dirty ones.  They both want to bring her toys and make sure she has her binkie.  I think it is very sweet how excited they are and hope their excitement will continue when she is here. 

I have been trying to get things done slowly for our move.  I have sorted through every closet and drawer and have gotten rid of a lot of things already.  I have mixed feelings about leaving.  Some days I cannot wait to go.  Those are probably the days that I have to walk to the grocery store in the pouring rain for the fourth time in a week.  Other days I think about all of the wonderful opportunities and growth that our f…

Schliersee - for the last time

A few weeks ago during church, Simon nonchalantly leans over and tells me "Oh, by the way, we are taking a long weekend to Schliersee.  We are leaving Wednesday and coming home Sunday morning".  He knew for weeks, and I was totally surprised.  I love when my husband surprises me.   Schliersee is normally where we spend Christmas, but we missed it this year due to our long Miami trip.  We are really lucky that Simon's company has such great accommodations there.  The first two days we had incredible weather.  We took the boat out on the lake and did some hiking.  The third day, Simon had to go back to Munich for work.  It rained the entire day he was gone.  The kids and I spent a lot of time in the playroom and I convinced them to take naps that day as well.  The last night we suffered from some food poisoning.  I am still not sure how or what was the culprit, but it was brutal.  Simon did not get sick for some reason.  He told me it was because he got sick while we wer…

Happy Birthday Conley!

Conley had his third birthday a few weeks ago.  I took the kids to the dinosaur museum and their favorite park in Munich during the day.  We had birthday celebrations when Daddy got home from work.  The other celebrations came later.  We went swimming, out for ice cream and watched Cars 2.  He was so excited we couldn't really get him to look at the camera.  He requested a chocolate cake.  Simon told me that I was lazy this year with his cake.  Probably, but I am very pregnant and we are moving soon.  It is okay, he loved it, especially since he got a new bulldozer.
I am pretty sure that Auburn was just as excited about Conley's birthday as he was.  We had a countdown going for sometime.
Lightening McQueen and Cars are a big deal right now.  
Three year old stats: Height: 39 inches (88th percentile) Weight: 37.5 pounds (90th percentile) I think it is safe to say that he will be a football player.
He loves cars, trucks, diggers, tractors, and trains. His favorite colors are o…


London This just might be my favorite city in Europe.  Simon and I went to England as newlyweds for our first Christmas and we have loved the place ever since.  Since we were flying in and out of London for this entire trip, we decided to take a few days at the end to enjoy a little bit of the city.  We also have some good friends from Munich that moved there and it was a great chance to catch up with them.  I am glad that we were able to share London with Auburn and Conley before we head back to the US. We tried to take them to our favorite spots, but also add a few new things to our list.

 Big Ben The kids were thrilled when they saw this again in the Cars 2 movie.
 Tate Modern
We have never been to this museum.  The kids did surprising well.  They would find their favorite piece of art in every room.  They then insisted that Simon take their picture in front of it.

St. Paul's Cathedral Even though it is the biggest church in London and second biggest in the UK, Simon and I had…

Morocco - part II

After our amazing camel trip into the dunes, we packed up and headed out for the long, long drive to Fez.  The kids did amazing well.  On our way we drove some good looking country and at one point found these little guys on the side of the road.

Fes  This city has the largest living medieval city in the world.  In the medina there are no cars, only donkeys and carts to transport goods.  It is full of little side streets, dead ends, and narrow streets.  The guide books all say that part of the fun is getting lost, which we did.  Luckily there are plenty of locals that are willing to point you in the right direction.
Some spices in the medina
 Morocco is famous for leather products.   These tanneries are were they prepare and dye the leather.  You have to pay a little "tip" to the people and they will take you up to their store fronts so you can get a view.  The smell is quite strong, but it is very interesting to watch.

Medersa Attarin

Medersa Bou Inania

Auburn …